Good afternoon, my name is Matt and I'm a freelance web and mobile app developer.

Please take a look around my site and then contact me to see how I can help you achieve your goals.

Joomla! CMS

Joomla! is a powerful content management system that allows you to have control over what’s displayed on your website. The framework is extendable and I am very experienced in creating custom extensions designed specifically for a customer’s needs.

Who Am I?

I'm a hard-working, competent and trustworthy freelancer with a strong background in programming and database applications. I have experience of working with organizations of varying types and sizes, from independent retailers through to major government departments.

I am a qualified project manager and have the skills to ensure that your project runs smoothly from first contact to post-implementation support.

What Do I Do?

I have been programming computers for over 25 years and kept my skills relevant by adjusting to new trends and to new approaches. This has given me experience in many different languages including BASIC, Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic, .NET, Perl, php, Javascript and HTML/CSS.

I now work mostly with php on the web and Objective-C for mobile applications.

Web Development - I specialize in creating extensions for the Joomla! framework, which provides a very flexible framework that is ideal for creating business solutions for small and medium companies in a time efficient manner. The possibilities for creating solutions are virtually limitless, so I'm sure I could produce a solution to your information problem.

Mobile App Development - I am also a keen and capable iOS (iPhone / iPod / iPad) developer and have several successful apps available in the Apple App Store. These apps now have a download count in the tens of thousands. If you have an idea for an app, then I would be keen to work with you to bring it to fruition.

Where Am I?

I am based in North Devon, which is in the South West of England. The area is very relaxing with rolling fields and golden beaches. It provides the ideal setting a creative business.

The location is fairly remote from the rest of the UK and so the vast majority of my business is conducted without face-to-face contact. I make heavy use of email, IM and Skype to maintain contact with my customers and find that this can be a far more efficient communication system than the long drawn out meetings that I attended with previous employers.

Having gained these skills, I am equally able to work internationally and have clients based worldwide, including the USA, Australia and New Zealand. I will work with these clients to find times that are mutually convenient and am happy to work outside of 'normal hours'  to compensate for any time difference.

Why Use a Freelancer?

Today's workplace is very different from that of 20, or even 10, years ago. Increasingly, organizations are required to respond at lightning speed to stakeholder needs. This means organizations must constantly deal with workflows that fluctuate both in volume and in type.

Being able to meet these challenges with an on-demand workforce when volumes are high—or when special projects demand skills that your current workforce lacks—can help keep your organization lean and let you capitalize on new opportunities.

Using interim employees means you don't have to incur the costs of carrying a larger-than-necessary year-round staff. For instance, on-demand staffing means you don't have to pay for training and education fees, the costs of health and other benefits, perks, holidays or termination and severance costs. It also means you can help prevent burnout and poor morale among valued fulltime employees. You may even find that your team really benefits from the fresh perspective outside contractors can offer!